Shower Re-Glazing


Texas Resurfacing Countertop and Tub has been offering its clients in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas superior shower refinishing or commonly referred to as shower reglazing services to both residential and commercial clients. Unlike purchasing an over the counter, do it yourself shower refinishing kit from your local hardware store our team of highly trained technicians understand the complexities of resurfacing and how to ensure that only the highest quality shower refinishing products are used and applied properly to stand the test of time.

Our shower reglazing process involves preparing the showers surface so that any chips, scratches or rough patches are smoothed out so that the newly applied compounds can better adhere to the surface. Many of our clients in the Austin, Texas area who have tried a do it yourself shower refinishing kit have found that they simply do not have the proper tools needed to ensure that the end result looks as good as new. Some of the common issues do it yourselfers face can be as simple as having the smallest gap between the drain and where the tub’s surface meets which in no time at all can lead to the finish peeling and stripping away from the surface. Residues in the bathtub that are not properly removed can also be of concern as the new shower reglazing compounds will not create the bond needed to ensure the longevity desired for the project. Furthermore, many people simply do not understand that once these do it yourself compounds are applied, the cost of removing them again and applying them properly can become quite costly versus having it applied by a trained professional the first time.

At Texas Resurfacing Countertop and Tub our primary goal is our customer’s satisfaction. With years of experience in providing top notch shower refinishing services to our customers in and around the Austin, Texas area you can rest assured that you’re shower will look as good as the day they were installed!

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