Bathtub Refinishing and Resurfacing Austin

Do a search for bathtub refinishing Austin and you will be overwhelmed with companies from all over trying to sell you their refinishing services. Texas Resurfacing Countertop and Tub is the leader in bathtub and shower resurfacing services throughout Austin. We are proud to offer our Austin, TX and surrounding market customers with a highly efficient and cost effective bathtub resurfacing or commonly referred to as bathtub refinishing services that takes the need to replace existing fixtures through an innovative compound and process that turns old worn out bathtubs to like new again.

Below is a quick breakdown of how the process works:

If the bathtub was been previously painted/resurfaced, it needs to be removed. We physically sand off the existing coating down to the original surface for all of our bathtub refinishing Austin clients.

The old caulking is removed if needed; it is normally unsightly and interferes with the application of the coatings.

(Porcelain Tubs & Metal Tubs)

An Acid Etch solution is applied to the tub using a coarse applicator. This ensures that our coatings properly bond with the surface of the bathtub by creating ‘pores’ & small ‘grooves’ in the tub. With this method, the primer’s bond to the surface is solid for many years of adhesion.

(Fiberglass & Plastic Tubs)

Using coarse sandpaper, we physically sand/scuff up the surface to ensure maximum bonding of our coatings.

An industrial strength surface preparation cleaner is applied that cleans/removes any soap scum, grease, silicone residue and any hard water stains.

Another industrial strength bathtub resurfacing preparation cleaner is applied that eliminates any type of molecules from past cleaners & leaves the surface with a true neutral pH level.

After the tub has been properly cleaned, any damages such as holes or cracks are repaired with a filler that is as hard as porcelain, we do this for each and every one of our bathtub refinishing Austin clients.

All areas around the tub masked using painters tape and paper. Other structures or materials in the surrounding area are covered with drop cloths to ensure your possessions are not damaged.

The new bathtub refinishing is then wiped free of particles and dust with a tack cloth.

An industrial grade exhaust fan with tubing is used to remove any air-borne particles straight outside.

A silane/acrylic-based primer is applied with 4 coatings to the bathtub in order to promote maximum adhesion between the product & the surface.

Lastly, the topcoat resign consisting of Acrylic Urethane is applied with 5 coatings to the bathtub. Acrylic Urethane coatings are the highest impact, UV, chemical and water resistance making it the most superior & only material that should be used to reglaze/resurface.

General through this process our customers in Austin, TX find that we are able to repair bathtub chips,  scratches, holes, rust, dull finishes, missing grout, cracked or chipped tiles, and bouncing tub floors.

So if you are looking for bathtub refinishing Austin rest assured you have come to the right place! Give us a call today or contact us directly on our website for more information about how we can help you save money and get your bathtubs and showers looking as good as new!


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